Scottish juridical debates that impact us all

Overcrowding in Scottish female prisons is looking to be a potential problem especially with the introduction of their new 80 bed jails in five locations. This new plan was put forward in order to try and deal with the large number of female prisoners in the Scottish prison system. It is being seen as a way to make the prison a place that encourages more reform than prevention of crime. In Scottish juridical debates, the reason that this new plan is likely to increase overcrowding in the female prisons is because legislators and sheriffs will find it a better option to take female offenders into the prisons; this is because of the numerous reform-oriented programs that they will be offering. Scottish juridical debates have also looked at the present situation at Corton Vale where the number of inmates has more than doubled over the last 10 years, and suggestions that there should be a change in sentencing policy has been put forward as a viable way to prevent overcrowding in prisons.

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