What is Scotland’s place in Europe

Scotland’s place in Europe is all but uncertain in the wake of Brexit, as the country follows suit with the political neighbours down in London. Although Scotland voted predominately to stay in the E.U bloc, at 60/40, the SNP’s sentiment towards the U.K has been anything but gracious. However, it does seem that Nicola Sturgeon herself has become obsessed with the vote for independence, looking for any excuse she can to initiate another national vote. Her push for independence is ruthless and has left certain members of her own party unimpressed, warning that another premature referendum could be disastrous for the SNP (Scotland National Party), if the vote remained ‘stay’. The country receives up to £50 billion pounds in the trade with the rest of the U.K, compared to £12 billion with the E.U. Scotland’s place in Europe after Brexit is still unknown. The geopolitical landscape of the country is awkward, as recent polls have not shown a surge in ‘yes’ voters because of Brexit. Scotland’s place in Europe is currently stable, but as U.K ministers head up to north to discuss the Brexit agreement with their Scottish counterparts, no one is certain of the future for the country, as the battle freedom from U.K continues.

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