Scotland’s Judicial Review Process – An Improvement or Not?

The Judicial review process is the process by which a party, who has been wronged by a public body, can seek redress from the high court. This form of review does not deal with the merits of the case, rather with the procedure. It tends to look into how the body came to its decisions, if the rules were followed, and everyone’s rights were taken care of. The judicial review process in Scotland is no different, but of late, they have been trying to make various changes aimed at improving its efficiency. These changes include the requirement for leaving before bringing a judicial review action, a time bar in which to bring actions and wide the law of standing. These improvements will go a long way to ensuring that justice is served more swiftly, for any aggrieved parties. Judicial review proceedings tend to be rather costly, however sometimes A quick loanin just one hourcan often solve immediate money problems and get you the justice you deserve.

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