Refugees coming to the UK and the impact on our economy

Over the last ten years, there has been a huge increase in the number of refugees coming to the UK, and you can understand why. The UK is a desirable place to live. There is a plethora of culture and humane government policies, but is the large number of refugees coming to the UK affecting the economy? Where there are additional people, there are additional costs. The government spends more on healthcare, housing, and financial aid; this places a strain on the economy, which, in turn, will affect the citizens of the UK. The Great Wall of Calais will be constructed by France and Britain in order to keep migrants and refugees from entering the ports. The wall will be made of smooth concrete making it difficult to scale and will be approximately 13 feet high. There has been much controversy surrounding the construction of the wall, with pro-immigrant members of government comparing the decision to one of Donald Trump’s election promises to prevent Mexican citizens crossing the border by also creating a giant wall. The question that remains, Who suffers? The Native UK citizens, or the refugees who are seeking residence.

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