What was the Brexit impact on Scotland?

Brexit has been making the headlines for quite some time now; it was no small matter and this issue will continue for months. Since the voting held on the 23rd of June, Brexit has been referred to from many different points of view and mentioned in various contexts. But let’s take a look at the Brexit impact on Scotland and the changes it brought to the life of its citizens. According to Diane James, leader of the UKIP (UK Independence Party), the Brexit impact on Scotland is certainly positive, thanks to the predictable growth in the economy, finances, governmental devolution coming from Westminster. On the other hand, political-themed polls suggest that a large amount of the Scottish population is against Brexit and this may strike movements by the SMP (Scottish National Party) to promote the independence of Scotland. The main point wouldn’t be evaluating the cost of Brexit to Scotland
but more about the cultural identity of Scottish citizens that they profess to be European.

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