About the site

Welcome to the site, first off, let’s make it clear we are not a site about learning the law. This blog wants to make Scottish juridical debates more understandable. Our Parliamentary representatives (MSP’s) meet regularly in Holyrood, to debate issues affecting Scotland and its residents. As is often the case with politics, in general, the ordinary Joe public does not have a clue what is happening. On this site, we want to address that and turn it around. The posts will focus on different debates, some new, some not so but ongoing and relevant. The intention is to clarify the points without bias (although that could sometimes slip in) and ensure you are aware in the clearest way possible what is being talked about and decided upon by our politicians. Have an issue you feel strongly about? Want your say in what is debated? Then, please feel free to contribute to the posts and discussions, but be polite and respectful of other peoples opinions and views.

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