• Scotland’s Judicial Review Process – An Improvement or Not?

    The Judicial review process is the process by which a party, who has been wronged by a public body, can seek redress from the high court. This form of review does not deal with the merits of the case, rather with the procedure. It tends to look into how the body came to its decisions, […]

  • The Scottish Judiciary and Technology

    The Scottish judiciary is making steps to move into the digital world in a bid to ensure that it looks beyond the conventional methods. The move is also in line with Scotland’s efforts towards the delivery of public service via digital formats. The move is expected to change how the judiciary works, engages and delivers […]

  • What was the Brexit impact on Scotland?

    Brexit has been making the headlines for quite some time now; it was no small matter and this issue will continue for months. Since the voting held on the 23rd of June, Brexit has been referred to from many different points of view and mentioned in various contexts. But let’s take a look at the […]

  • What is Scotland’s place in Europe

    Scotland’s place in Europe is all but uncertain in the wake of Brexit, as the country follows suit with the political neighbours down in London. Although Scotland voted predominately to stay in the E.U bloc, at 60/40, the SNP’s sentiment towards the U.K has been anything but gracious. However, it does seem that Nicola Sturgeon […]

  • Refugees coming to the UK and the impact on our economy

    Over the last ten years, there has been a huge increase in the number of refugees coming to the UK, and you can understand why. The UK is a desirable place to live. There is a plethora of culture and humane government policies, but is the large number of refugees coming to the UK affecting […]

  • Scottish juridical debates that impact us all

    Overcrowding in Scottish female prisons is looking to be a potential problem especially with the introduction of their new 80 bed jails in five locations. This new plan was put forward in order to try and deal with the large number of female prisoners in the Scottish prison system. It is being seen as a […]