• Economic Impact of Football in Scotland

    The popularity of football in Scotland has increased exponentially over the years. Football teams are gaining more and more notoriety among Scots and international football fans. Moreover, teams like Rangers and Celtic already have international recognition because of their Champions League pedigree. Like most footballing nations, the economic impact of football is huge, and football […]

  • An Informed Scot

    Information is the key to decisions. We all know that, and this is why my blog is to highlight what is happening around us at a governmental and judicial level. It will cover a wide range of subject areas of interest to any Scot, who wants to be part of Scotland today.

  • Census Bill on Gender Identity Sparks Fire

    Scottish Parliament is going through a phase of fierce debates about adding the third option of ‘trans’ in relation to sexual orientation. Voices are being raised for and against the notion to keep this issue as binary; male and female. The subtle spark of the Census Bill has already turned into a rage as a […]

  • The Scottish Legal System

    These are four main courts that constitute the judicial system in Scotland’ including appeals:- The Court of Justiciary, Court of the Peace, High Court of Justiciary and the Sherrif Courts. However, high profile cases that may involve complex legal matters are often referred to the UK Supreme Court in London.

  • 2019 And The Scottish Budget

    It’s 2019 and Derek Mackay has presented the Scottish Government’s spending and tax plans for 2019-20. In the next weeks, these will be debated in Parliament, being overshadowed by uncertainty around Brexit. Fortunately, the Scottish Fiscal Commission has predicted a fairly smooth Brexit process over a 5-year horizon with economic growth being subdued.

  • Scotland’s Judicial Review Process – An Improvement or Not?

    The Judicial review process is the process by which a party, who has been wronged by a public body, can seek redress from the high court. This form of review does not deal with the merits of the case, rather with the procedure. It tends to look into how the body came to its decisions, […]

  • The Scottish Judiciary and Technology

    The Scottish judiciary is making steps to move into the digital world in a bid to ensure that it looks beyond the conventional methods. The move is also in line with Scotland’s efforts towards the delivery of public service via digital formats. The move is expected to change how the judiciary works, engages and delivers […]